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We recommend you to also read our Conditions of Use before you start playing.

Poker Matchups:

  • Player who places highest in the money will win.
  • If both players finish out of the money, then the player who plays in more sessions wins.
  • A session will be defined as 1 day of poker regardless of the amount of time played in that day.
    All Sessions will begin after 7:00 AM location time. If a session starts one day and ends the next morning, it will be counted as one session.
  • If both Players play the same number of sessions the matchup will be a push. Further, if for example player A begins the tournament on day one and goes out on day one and player B begins the tournament on day two and goes out on day two, the matchup A vs. B would be scored as a tie, since they had both played the same number of sessions.
  • In a poker matchup both players must play at least one hand for there to be action.

Poker Propositions:

  • For propositions concerning in the money finishes, the contestants must start the event for action.

WSOP Bracket Propositions

  • For grading purposes, any proposition related to a player winning a bracket(s) at the WOSP will not include the Casino Employee event, the Ante up for Africa event or the Tournament of Champions free roll.


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