NFL Pick’em 2023-2024


Join the challenge Contest: NFL Pick’em  2023-2024 season

Get ready for this season’s NFL Pick’em and participate in the challenge. Participants will try to predict the winner of every NFL game for the week. The participant with more winning selections will take the prize.


Weekly season contest (one winner per week)


How It Works:

 Making a selection on every NFL game of the week (16 games, or less when bye weeks) no points spread involved, just predict the winner of each game. The participant with more correct selections will take the prize; Tie breaker will be offered based on Monday night’s total points scored of the game.


  1. NFL Pick’em Contest begins Week 1 of the 2023 NFL Season and continues through Week 18; one new contest every week, the postseason is not included.
  2. Available to recreational players from US & Canada.
  3. As standard, each additional pool entry will have a cost of $5.00, which will be deducted from the account balance on the spot.
  4. Each participating member will make a selection on every NFL matchup of the week(16 games or less when bye weeks).
  5. If a game is not available for selection this indicates the game has already locked, or the team is on a ‘Bye’ week.
  6. Picks are made straight-up. Spread point lines will not be featured in this pool.
  7. All correct picks will be considered to determine the winner of the contest.
  8. Participating members will be able to select their picks for the week at once.
  9. If you do not select a team on a given matchup, your entry will be graded as one team less; Less teams selected, less chances to win.
  10. Picks are final once selected, and no changes or cancellations will be permitted.
  11. The goal is to make all possible selections correctly.
  12. The contest will go from Week 1 to Week 18 of the 2023-2024 NFL season, one new contest every week.
  13. If multiple contestants end up with the same number of correct selections made; A tie breaker will be offered based on the last game of the current week (Total points scored between the 2 teams).
  14. Contest Prizes will be awarded 72h after Week 18 ends and not before.
  15. If a game results in a tie or is cancelled, the pick will be considered No Action.
  16. The winner of the pool will receive a cash prize of $200.00. If more than one player ends up with the same outcome after tie breaker, the prize will be split among them in equal amounts.
  17. Contest prizes have a 5x rollover requirement for withdrawal purposes.
  18. Jazz Sports reserves the right to change these rules or cancel the promotion without previous notice.
  19. Contest available to players from USA & Canada exclusively.