Get ready to embark on a spine-tingling journey through our haunted mansion, where every week brings new surprises, and every corner holds secrets waiting to be uncovered! Introducing our hair-raising Halloween Mansion of Rewards!

What’s Inside the Spooky Mansion?

🕰️ Week-by-Week Thrills: Each week, a new reward will unlock, offering you a captivating taste of the macabre. And for Week 1, we’re starting off with a bang! Deposit a minimum of $10 and get ready to spin your way to 25 Free Spins in BetSoft – the perfect treat to kickstart your Halloween journey!

🎁 Stack Your Rewards: As the weeks pass, you can request not only the reward for the current week but also the reward from the previous week. That means, by the last week of October, you can claim a whopping total of 5 rewards!

How to Participate:

  1. Sign up or log into your account for our Spooky Mansion Rewards.
  2. Enter the haunted mansion and unlock your first reward – 25 Free Spins in BetSoft for only a $10 minimum deposit.
  3. Keep coming back every week for a new surprise.
  4. Remember, you can claim the rewards of the current and previous weeks.
  5. Share your experiences with your friends and fellow thrill-seekers!

Hurry, the mansion doors won’t stay open forever. Start your journey into the unknown now!