Breeders Cup Contest



Participate in the breeder’s cup 2023 contest

Choose winning horses from selected races on Friday’s and Saturday’s events.  The winner of this contest will be the one with the most winning horses.

Prizes Await:

Prizes lined up for our participating winners:


How It Works:

Terms and Conditions

  1. Participants will accumulate a point for each winning horse selected.  Leaderboard will determine the winner.
  2. All selections must be made before the first published race in the contest.
  3. If a selected horse cancels/scratches or does not participate no points will be awarded.
  4. Tie breaker: Breeder’s cup classic winner correct selection. (Race # 9 Saturday 11/09/2023)
  5. Prize will be split among participants still tied after applying the tie breaker.
  6. Cash prize has a 3X rollover for withdrawal.

Races selected for this contest:

Friday races:

Saturday races: