Women’s FIFA world cup 2023 Brackets Elimination stage


Join the Bracket Contest: Women’s FIFA world cup 2023 Brackets Elimination stages

Get ready for FIFA Women’s world cup 2023 elimination stages and participate in the bracket contest selecting your favorite teams.

Prizes Await:

We have excellent prizes lined up for our participating winners:


How It Works:

Gain points in different rounds by selecting the winning team, this allows you to climb up the leaderboard and secure your winning spot.

Rounds Points

16 team Elimination Stage correct selection

3 pts

Quarter Final correct selection

5 Pts

Semi Final correct selection

6 Pts

4th round correct selection

7 Pts

Final correct selection

10 Pts

  • Participants will accumulate points earned with every correct selection and a leader board will determine the winner.
  • All selections must be made before the next round begins (round of 16 teams).
  • Tie breaker: Score in the final game.